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A Few Nice Words From Our Students.

Thank you EZride Surf School for a great surfing lesson. We all had a great time. It is lots of fun to tell people that I know how to surf. That is an impressive skill if you live in Missouri.
Anna – Missouri

Marcello, thanks for all that you did with Lawson and Grey this week. They will have long lasting memories of the waves they caught and of the help you gave them.We appreciate all you did.
God bless,
Bryan, Jennifer, Grey, and Lawson – North Carolina

Joshua had a blast at surf camp. He was so excited when he came home.
He even went to bed early, and got up every morning on his own.I can see that he had improved in his surfing and has more confidence in the water.
Thank you to all of the instructors for your special attention for Joshua.
Mary Ann — Port St. Lucie

I just got back from California. The waves were much bigger than Florida, but after the training I received from Marcello, I was confident to go out there and charge it. The basics that you taught us really paid off. If I was to go out there without the training that I received, I am sure that I would have been pounded several times more, and been more frustrated with surfing. I recommend the EZride Surf School to anyone who wants to learn how to surf. Marcello has a great understanding of the ocean, and surfing. The camp was very enjoyable and relaxed. I have never seen anyone with a passion for anything like Marcello
Rilus — Arizona

Thank you so much for sending those pictures, and also a summary of the information you taught during the course. To be honest, before going to the surf camp I thought it would be unnecessary to learn how to surf from an instructor. I thought I could be just as effective learning on my own. I have attempted to learn several times before going to your camp, but always got out of the ocean frustrated and thinking that surf was impossible and no fun. Going to your camp helped me a lot with the fundamentals of surfing ( its not a sport, it.
Zach — Arizona

Thank you Marcello ! It was very awesome, and all my cousins absolutely loved it. It was an experience I will always treasure and want to thank you for making it possible. Thanks for the pics, I really appreciate it. I
Nicole — Texas

I want to offer my review because I feel like you deserve a thank you. I was worried about Emily being in the ocean. I was not expecting to participate in her lesson, but I can not thank you enough for having the patience to help me over come my fears of the water. I want to be able to enjoy Surfing with my daughter, and now I have the hope that I can. Next time we will both take Surf Lessons together. Now mom and daughter days will be full of adventure!
Betty and Emily — Panama City

Marcello you are the best. Your demonstration was amazing. Go Pro Bro! See you in the water!
Christiano — Boca

Thank you for accommodating our team. We would not have been able to enjoy Surfing on our trip if you had not extended the special price for our students. Many thanks.
Jenna — Michigan

Thank you for the pictures!!!! I wish I lived at the beach. Your Surf School is
Rick — Ohio

O.K. you were right, having surf lessons was better than Disney! A lot easier to keep track of my wonderful children. Next year we will skip
Rebecca, Josh, Jennifer, and Rose

Our family had a wonderful vacation. Our surf lessons were definitely a highlight of our trip. We will recommend you to our friends here when they have to find some fun in the sun.
Boyd, Cindy, and Mathew — Oregon

I appreciate the reminder that Surfing is about having fun and doing your best, not being the best in the world.
Chris — Deerfield Beach

Thank you Marcello! Your patience is appreciated. I am happy to be back in the water.
Andrea — Maryland

Wow, what can I say? Surfing is everything you said it was and more. When we went out last wed. we had such a good time! We both got up and rode in. We were so happy, but sore on the drive home. We will be back!
Josh and Nancy — Georgia

I want to thank you guys for convincing my mom that surf is a legitimate sport. I want to go pro some day and I need all the help I can get. When are we going to start that team? Thanks again,
John — Orlando

My lesson was awesome! I really appreciate the patience and knowledge, because I was afraid to go out by myself before the surf lesson. I hope to have more surf lessons over Christmas break! Surfing is awesome!
Mary — Dania Beach

Marcello and Lori provide the ultimate learning experience for beginner surfers and intermediates alike. Hopefully one day I can work up to a more advanced lesson! After a quick onshore lesson where you learn the basics about your board and the water, you jump right in. In no time at all, Marcello will have you standing while Lori gets a picture or two of you for souvenirs. ( I think she deletes the ones were you fall!) By the end of the lesson, you.
Tim — New York

Thanks again for the lessons last week! We will definitely contact you again on our next trip to Florida. Andreas was really impressed with Marcello
Martyn — Canada

Lisa was a very good instructor. She was so happy and in love with surfing. It was wonderful to just be with her, and surfing with her was and extraordinary experience. Thanks Lisa.
Sue — Ohio

We had a great time. The Kids are pumped up about surfing with Marcello in August. See you then.
Matt — Minnesota

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much Leslie and I enjoyed our surfing lesson yesterday. I was surprised at how much fun I had ! It was a blast, we both learned so much and we will both definitely be back for more ( with as many family members in tow as we can persuade). Marcello was a fabulous instructor and your company was professional and communicative from start to finish. Thank you so much!
Becca — Naples

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