Surf Classes and Packages in Florida

All the surf lessons below are safe for children and adults. They were developed to provide the best surf experience for all skill levels. All the information below applies to all types of surf lessons. After you read the general information, you can surf on your surf lesson option and have a more detailed surf lesson description.

Summer Surf Camp

Personal Surf Lessons

Couple / Friends Surf Lessons

Group / Family Surf Lessons

Full Day Surf Instruction

Competitive Surf Coaching

Corporate Team Building

Special Events and Parties

What to expect from your Surf Lesson

What to expect in my first surf lesson

1. Highest quality service (#1 in Florida)

2. Learn to surf, have fun, and relax (personal attention)

3. You will be with a friendly, patient, and professional surf instructor to ensure your safety. All of our instructors are CPR certified, and professional surf riders. All have vast knowledge in oceanography, forecast, wave riding, and nutrition.

4. Enjoy surf in an encouraging and positive atmosphere. You will feel confident.

5. Learn about the ocean and all the aspects related to surf that will help you improve your surf performance.

6. Feel confident, you have made the right investment, and never want to leave the ocean.

This information applies to all surf lessons

Affordable Surf Lessons in Florida
  • Surf lessons 7 days a week year-round (we work with your schedule)
  • Surf lessons length: 1 ½ to 7 hours, we  offer customized packages and special services.
    • All the classes are available in three different languages: English, Portuguese & Spanish
  • Price includes all the equipment necessary, including:
    • Soft Surfboards (special design for beginners)
    • Fiber glass fun boards (intermediate or advanced levels)
    • High performance short boards (for advanced levels)
    • Rash guard and spring suits (when necessary)
    • Leash
    • Wax
  • The minimum age required is 5 years.

Surf Class levels available

Beginners Surf Lessons in Florida


  • about surf
  • surf and water safety
  • feel comfortable in the ocean
  • riding a surfboard (first steps)
Intermediate Surf Lessons in Florida


  • how to turn a surfboard
  • how to judge a good wave
  • drop the wave at the right time
  • having more control of your surfboard (first maneuvers)
Advanced Level Surf Lessons in Florida


  • improve techniques with video
  • surf competition strategies
  • cross training
  • adopting a professional posture

Special events and Gift Certificate are available.

All of the classes include information about safe procedures, whether you are a first timer, or a experienced surfer. You will have available the ultimate information and techniques that have been developed from 33 years of surf riding and experience.

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This is your moment! Go surfing today!

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