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Nothing compares to a day full of new experiences, important surf information, and of course lots of surf and fun! A full day surf lesson invites you to a complete surf experience including the best surf spots in South and Central Florida. You will get the opportunity to know what a surfer’s day is like! Checking the best spots, learn about surf equipment and forecast! Also, you will learn the best way to keep yourself healthy and increase your surf performance.

Full day surf lessons in Florida
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Full Day Surf Lessons in Florida IV

Try the ultimate surf instruction experience and feel like a real Florida local surfer. You will remember this forever!

This is a type of surf lesson special for individuals, couples, groups, and families. Available to adults and children of all ages and skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). We provide all the equipment necessary, exclusive surf instruction, snacks and water, and an experience of a lifetime.

The surf lesson starts at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm. All the locations will be selected by your surf coach according to the wave conditions.

Male and female surf instructors are available, and your surf lesson can be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

For specials and current packages, plus many other surprises, please contact our office to get all the details. You can read what people are saying about our school and their amazing experience.

  • All lessons include water safety
  • Our surf instructors are CPR certified and experienced surfers
  • We provide safe soft surfboards to help your balance
  • You can reserve your spot today:

Special Events and Gift Certificates are available.

All classes include information about safe procedures, whether you are a first timer, or a experienced surfer. You will have available the ultimate information and techniques that have been developed from 33 years of surf riding and experience.

For prices and any other information, please contact our office:

Phone: (954)803-7988
Mobile: (954)803-5169

E-mail: contact@ezridesurfschool.com

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