Florida Surfing Dorian

The waves from Hurricane Dorian did appear this Monday morning September 02, 2019. The shutter was open on our camera so not many surf pics to share. Plus, we were busy surfing The above picture with no one surfing is from the afternoon.

The surf was clean at dawn and building with no wind Smaller than expected considering the Category 5 hurricane that Dorian is. The massive storm missed South Florida. Nothing compared to the pounding it gave to the people of the Bahama Islands overnight.

Hurricane waves are always bitter sweet when families are hurt by the storm. We are partnering with the Salvation Army. They have a good reputation for getting funds to those in need. Donate directly to them on their website or through the school. We will partner with other local organizations and neighbors to collect non monetary items. Contact us for more details or if you already have items so we can arrange a pick-up.

The set waves this morning were about 10 minutes apart and clean with no rain or wind to start. Off shore winds started around 10:00 a.m. and coincided with the incoming tide. We had considered Miami, but decided against it because of a few factors. One being the huge crowd. Beach access on A1A was cut off to non-residents from Spanish River in Boca Raton Florida to Georgia!!??!! At least that is what the police officer said when he offered up his “thou shall not pass!” (We completely understand and appreciate our officers : )

The wave size was definitely smaller than expected for South Florida. The forecasted 12 ft surfing hope came ashore as a 5ft ground swell. Still thankful and content with the beautiful surfing day that was Today. Only a few rain bands, but not a sign of VAS conditions in the deep south . Thank you to everyone who surfed eloquently with kindness.

We are still hoping for the bigger swell that is forecast for tomorrow morning, so another dawn surf session is in preparation. Hydrate, healthy eating, and good nights sleep to you. As always..

1 wave Today is worth 2 waves tomorrow

P.S. Didn’t do sunscreen today for the first time this year. Sunburns all around. Thankfully no rashes! A physical block sunscreen is always a great plan in Sunny South Florida, even on those Sunny Florida September Hurricane Days. At least its the first for the 2019 year and we made it through Summer. Ready for Fall! Wear your sun screens. Do Not surf with chemical sunscreen. Read our article on sunscreens for more information. See you in the line up. Maybe more pics to come. Local news stations abound, so should have plentiful access to better videos than we captured. ALOHA

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