Its Official, Summer is here… in South Florida that is

Summer comes early in South Florida

I grew up in Tennessee when I was a teenager, and I remember going to the Carolinas for Spring break. Bathing suit, towel, expectations of beach relaxation and fun. However, when I would eventually arrive, after my overnight drive, I would watch the sunrise on the beach. The morning would be bitter cold, and the ocean water murky. The unfortunate reality is that it stayed cold and the water murky, except maybe for an uncloudy noon swim session. That is where my love for South Florida comes in. You don’t have to wait for Summer, or suffer through chilly Spring Breaks. Some years, it seems it’s always Summer. (Although we did have a blessed cool winter of 2018, 70’s and smiles all season!)

Here in Sunny South Florida, the water is warm and blue. Even in the fall, I rarely use a wetsuit. Come January and February a wetsuit is welcome on stormy days. Although surfing with a wetsuit, spring suit really, allows for all year surfing in South Florida, there is something worth mentioning when you finally realize wetsuit season is over. Its washed, dried and hung in the closest until next year.

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